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Regulat pro metabolic

Regulat pro metabolic
55,50 €

Positive effect for people with metabolic syndrome

contributes with chromium to the maintenance of normal blood glucose level
contributes with thiamine (B1) to normal function of the heart
contributes with zinc to normal metabolism of fatty acids
contributes with magnesium to normal muscle function

What does it mean?

weight optimization
more energy
better sleep
better mood (e.g. more tryptophan)
less food cravings (sweets)
hormone regulation

For people who
are overweight
watch their heart
have sugar cravings
watch their blood sugar

Especially for managers and all persons under permanent strain.

Ingredients: Regulatpro® Bio 84,5g (consisting of: Water; Lemons*; Dates*; Figs*; Walnuts*; Soy beans*; Coconuts*; Onions*; Glycerin*; Celery*; Soy bean sprouts*; Artichokes*; Extract from Acerola (17,5% Vitamin C)* 0,7%, Peas*; Millet*; mixed spices*; Curcuma*; Saffron*); Orange juice concentrate *; Magnesium citrate 3.3%; Bio Acerola extract 17.5% (Vit.C) 1.14%; natural flavor; Vanilla beans extract *, zinc chloride 0.1%; Manganese sulphate 0.03%; Calcium D-pantothenate 0.03%; Nicotinamide 0.02%; Cholecalciferol 0.015% pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.002%; Riboflavin 0.002%; Thiamine hydrochloride, 0.002%; Pteroylmonoglutaminsäure 0.0015%; Chromium (III) chloride 0.001%; Cyanocobalamin 0.000004%. (*from organic farming. DE-Eco-regulation-006-Regulation.)


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